Siblyback Segway Adventure

Siblyback Segway Adventure Picture 1

You’re gliding on air, above the crowd with a clear view of everything ahead. No obstacles. No barriers. You find yourself travelling farther and seeing more.  Go fast - Go slowly - Go anywhere - Go in any weather.

You will be taught all you need to know, so don't worry. You will learn how to move forward. Backward. Stop. A short session on the training ground will give you confidence to manoeuvre and to put the Segway PT exactly where you want it to be.

Then, when you're confident and ready - off you go. You will start off slowly around the lake, gaining confidence. When you've grown in confidence, your Segway PT will be governed to give you greater speed, taking you up hill, down hill and around the lake. We have some off-road woodland trails to give you the experience of the off-road versatility of these amazing machines. Then off through the woods, on around the lake and back again.

You will be supervised throughout, to ensure your safety and the safety of other users of Siblyback Lake Country Park. The tour lasts about an hour and a half. We have every confidence that you'll enjoy your ‘glide' and want to come back again.

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For more information please call 01579 346522 or 07923 888647.


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Siblyback Lake
Common Moor
PL14 6ER

Telephone: 01579 346522