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East Looe and West Looe originated as separate towns. They were what is called "planted boroughs" and first mention of them is in 1201.

The town towns were joined by an estuary bridge, the earliest in Cornwall, by 1411. The Illustrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes 1685 - c.1712 ,ed. Christopher Morris, London, 1982 records that she recorded the bridge as having 14 arches in 1698. The bridge was replaced in 1853 by a new one about a hundred yards further upstream.

The Guildhall is believed to have been built about 1500 and one house is dated 1555 and another 1632. The Golden Guinea restaurant is one of many ancient houses still in use today and whose interiors, in some cases, give more clues to their age than do the later exteriors which have disguised them.

Upcoming Events

Raft Race - Sunday 09 June 2019

Looe Raft Race

Loads of fun, in and out of the water!
Organised by Looe Boat Owners Association in support of Looe RNLI

Enjoy the fun by making and entering your own raftor just come and cheer on the competitors.

Sunday 9th June - 11:00am Start

Prizegiving at Looe Sailing Club

07747 488488

Seafront & Quaysides,
East & West Looe,
PL13 1AL



Lugger Regatta - Friday 05 July 2019 to Sunday 07 July 2019

Looe Rugger Regatta

This will be the 16th regatta and will mark 30 years of the current LOOE LUGGER REGATTA. So we hope you can all make it.

This bi-annual regatta in the busy seaside town of Looe is a celebration of the area’s fishing heritage. Traditional Luggers, two masted sailing boats once common along the coasts of England and France, head to the historical port for the regatta. Boats will arrive in Looe during the week leading up to the event depending on weather conditions.f

What happens?

During the regatta, the Luggers, some of which sail across the channel from France, compete in six races spread over the two days of competition. Around fifty boats, many of which were built more than a hundred years ago and lovingly restored by their owners, unfurl their sails in the harbour creating a magnificent spectacle.

How can you take part?

The seaside town of Looe is still very much a working fishing port, level streets snake their way out to the beach where the town’s banjo-shaped pier provides a great viewing point as the boats head in and out of the harbour. The town provides a mix of shops and eateries, many of which are located in buildings dating from the 16th and17th centuries.  Across the river in West Looe you can get a grandstand view from the long stretch of seafront above Hannafore Beach overlooking Looe Island. To wind down after a day of racing there is entertainment on the Saturday evening in Looe fish market.

Did you know?

Cornish luggers were the principal vessel of the Cornish fishing industry during its heyday. They were also used as privateer ships and for smuggling back the in 18th and 19th centuries when their speed and manoeuvrability became invaluable in outrunning revenue ships.

The wind it bloweth....

The weather is a fickle mistress and plays a large part in the weekends activities. Too much or too little and the programme for the weekend tends to get changed around a bit, but even if the boats don't leave the harbour, there will be something to see. Contact Looe Tourist Information Centre on 01503 262072 for up to date information.

01503 262072

Looe Lugger Regatta
The harbour and bay
PL13 1AA