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Cornwall is home to Mike Truscott, a lifelong full-time professional writer who is now realising the dreams of “ordinary” people by ghost-writing their autobiographies, leading to superb glossy-quality books.

Such things used to be just for the rich and famous.  Not any more!  With modern printing technology, you can have your own book quickly printed for a fraction of what it would once have cost.  And you can have as many or as few as you want – just one if you wish.

How’s it done?  If you’re in Cornwall, Mike will come to you for a series of face-to-face sessions when all you have to do is share the memories of your lifetime with him.

Reviewing all the highlights of your life – and then adapting them into a coherent and readable story – is a task too for far most of us.  But it’s all very different with the services of a trained, professional writer.

Everyone’s lives are special to themselves, their families and future generations, and so much is lost if these lives are not recorded. 

Mike takes a full note of your life story – you don’t have to write a single word yourself – and then he works his magic for you with an amazing result.  Your book will be literally the gif of a lifetime for you and your family.

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8 Grovehill Drive
TR11 3HS

Telephone: 01326 317147

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