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Colwith Farm Distillery is founded upon five generations of farming history.

The idea to build the region's first plough to bottle distillery was developed by brothers Steve & Chris in 2010. Producing premium spirits represented the perfect way to add value to the crops produced on Colwith Farm. 



Colwith Farm Distillery is delighted to offer a fun and enlightening range of distillery experiences.

When discussing our plough to bottle spirits with our customers we were taken aback by their interest in the processes involved. Therefore we decided to incorporate a visitor centre into our working distillery.

Our Guided Distillery Tours offer an insight into how premium spirits are produced - the plough to bottle way. Your guide will walk you through everything from preparing the mash, cooking, fermenting, distilling, bottling and of course sampling in our Tasting Bar.

Our Gin Masterclass is perfect for the gin lover. After your Guided Distillery Tour our master-distiller will take you through the age-old methodology of gin rectification. You will select your botanicals before taking control of your very own alembic still. We will guide you through your gin-run, teaching you about heads, hearts & tails and how to distil a premium gin. To finish, you will hand bottle and label your gin.

We also offer a bespoke events at the distillery such as our Gin & Cheese Night, music events, Cocktail Masterclass and more. Please keep an eye on our social media pages and in the adjacent booking system for information. 

Please note, sensible clothing and footwear must be worn as this is a working distillery on a working farm.

We kindly request that experiences are booked in advance via the scheduling tool on this page.

We offer a discount of 10% on group bookings of 10 persons or more. 

For any queries or larger group bookings please email or call 01208 873967


Colwith Farm Distillery is Cornwall's first plough to bottle distillery.

Whereas most craft distilleries buy-in mass produced ethanol, at Colwith Farm Distillery, everything is delicately produced from scratch - on a single estate. In terms of provenance, authenticity and quality, put simply - it doesn't get any better.

Our crops are are grown within a few miles of the distillery. Thereafter, every step of the production process is delicately carried out in-house. From preparing the wash, fermenting, distilling, rectifying and finally bottling. Even the water used in the production process rises from an aquifer situated beneath the distillery. It is much more challenging, time consuming and costly to produce spirits this way - but we truly believe it's worth it.


The Spirits 

Due to the variety of crops being grown on Colwith Farm, and the complexity of the equipment in the distillery, a plethora of premium spirits can be lovingly crafted from one site. Aval Dor (Cornish for potato) Vodka is crafted from King Edward potatoes. Stafford's Gin is made by infusing a blend of botanicals from Colwith Farm and further afield with Aval Dor Vodka. Fowey River Gin is distilled from Haye Farm's world's oldest cider. And our whiskey project - well you'll just have to come and see us to find out ...  


Guided Distillery Tour with Sample in our Tasting Bar
1 hour @ £15.00
Includes a 45 minute guided tour of the region's first plough to bottle distillery followed by samples of our spirits .

Gin Masterclass for One
3 hours @ £100.00
Includes a 45 minute Guided Distillery Tour followed by samples of our spirits. 1 no complimentary cocktail per person. A 2 hour gin making experience & 1 no 70 CL bottle of your very own gin to take home and enjoy.

Gin Masterclass for Two
3 hours @ £150.00
Includes a 45 minute Guided Distillery Tour for 2 people, followed by samples of our spirits. 1 no complimentary cocktail per person, a 2 hour gin making experience (based on 2 people sharing a still) & 1 no 70 CL bottle of your very own gin to take home and share.

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Colwith Farm
Crewell Moor
Pelyn Cross
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Telephone: 01208 873967

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