Boscastle Picture 1

Image by Matt Jessop - supplied by Visit Cornwall


Slow down and unwind, with a leisurely stroll down to the harbour. Sit on the quay and admire the view, or dust off those old water colours and try to capture the scene. Soak up Boscastle’s unique atmosphere.

Tough coastal treks and easy inland rambles. Sun-soaked, surfing beaches and shady valleys. High, windswept cliffs and the charms of ‘Top Town’ and the ‘Bridge’. Don’t forget to bring your camera – this place is very photogenic.

Boscastle’s fascinating history. Ancient fields, Celtic crosses, Norman churches, a Castle and a Medieval quay. Fishing, famous visitors and flash floods. The past is all around you – waiting to be discovered.

A taste of Cornish village life and local hospitality. Feel the spirit of a community brought closer together by adversity. Fill your lungs with fresh air and get to grips with ‘Mother Nature’ in all her moods.

A guided walk, a fishing trip or a picnic by the Valency. Browse the shops, galleries and museums for souvenirs of your stay. Join in a pub quiz or an evening sing-song.