• Cornish Fairings Picture

    Cornish Fairings

    Traditional Cornish ginger biscuit, "Fairing" was originally a term for an edible treat sold at fairs.

  • Cornish Pasty Picture

    Cornish Pasty

    How to make a genuine Cornish Pasty with picture guide

  • Cornish Splits Picture

    Cornish Splits

    In Cornwall, a cream tea was traditionally served with 'Cornish Splits' rather than scones.

  • Helston Pudding Picture

    Helston Pudding

    A delicious light-textured fruit pudding originating from Helston in Cornwall and traditionally served on 'Furry Dance' day in May. It can be used as a light alternative to Christmas Pudding.

  • Hevva Cake Picture

    Hevva Cake

    Hevva Cake is named after the Huers who would cry out "Hevva, Hevva!" when fish were spotted. The criss-cross pattern on top of the cake is said to represent the fishing nets.

  • Raw-Fry Picture


    This is a traditional Cornish recipe for a classic farmhouse-style supper

  • Saffron Buns Picture

    Saffron Buns

    A Cornish classic, perfect for tea time served with a generous smear of clotted cream.

  • Stargazey Pie Picture

    Stargazey Pie

    Stargazey Pie is an old Cornish recipe with and interesting tale behind it!