Cornwall Seal Group

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As part of their monitoring and research work Cornwall Seal Group collects photos of grey seals (and common seals when they occasionally turn up in our waters) and has identified and tracked over 1000 individuals! If you've see a seal and even better if you have taken a photo of one, please let us know as all information is incredibly valuable in improving our understanding of these internationally rare animals. All your sightings (even just one seal in the sea with a location and date is useful information) will be added to our database.

Did you know that there are more African elephants in the world than grey seals? In 2008, there were around the same number of grey seals in the UK as red squirrels! The UK has around 45% of the world’s population, so we tend to take them for granted especially in Cornwall which is an important site for them, but we have a responsibility to protect them on behalf of the rest of the world.

So every time you see a Grey Seal - think how lucky you are and let us know what you've seen by emailing and visit our Website for more information!

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