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The Isles of Scilly share a common atmosphere, perspective, and pace of life, but each island has its own unique charms- and every visitor quickly finds a favourite - a quiet bond with one island that, for them, feels that little bit more special than the others. But there’s no rush: after all, you’ll have five inhabited islands and countless deserted ones to explore. Each has its own allure, and they all share a friendly atmosphere, a dry humour, and the relaxed, Scillonian pace of life.


The Isles of Scilly may feel like another world, but if you’re in Cornwall they’re close enough to visit for the day – with ample time to enjoy the islands while you’re there. Sail with Scillonian III, and you’ll enjoy a leisurely sail past some of Cornwall’s most famous coastline and get the chance to look for dolphins and basking sharks, before arriving on St. Mary’s in time for lunch. Then spend the afternoon exploring the island before heading home. If you’d like more time, flying by Skybus, is the quickest way to and from Scilly. Or, if you’d like the best of both worlds, choose our unique round-trip ticket: park in Penzance and meet our shuttle bus to Land’s End for your morning flight, spend the day on Scilly before sailing back to the mainland. As ever, the choice is yours.

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